Friday, September 1, 2017


The music industry of Pakistan has been facing a hard time since last few years. One of the main reasons of its downfall is the law and order situation which has almost killed the concert culture in the country and lack of profitable record labels.

The revival of the local cinema and branded music has come as a support to the local music industry. Where many musicians have given music to a number of local Pakistani flicks, leading music platforms like Coke Studio and Nescafe Basement have always been a grand stage for the renowned and upcoming talent for exposure.

In the past few years similar to Coca Cola many other brands have emerged as supporter of the music industry, including Pepsi which has recently revived it’s more than a decade old Battle of the Bands franchise – producer of some of the phenomenal bands of our industry including EP & Aaroh.

Starting from Coke Studio which turned out to be a global hit, has given us some amazing music in the past decade. The collaboration of different musicians and the overall concept of fusion has become the face of our local music industry. Unfortunately, it is being observed that every year the iconic show is losing its worth - maybe it’s the monotony, nepotism or lack of creativity but it won’t be wrong to say that this show has elevated our music sense so high that we have raised our expectations way to towering.

Nescafe Basement on the other hand, under the parenting of Xulfi has given us some tremendous music. It’s fresh, raw and unexpectedly astounding sound made it equally notable as Coke Studio. But the young blood of the show is more relevant to youth, whereas, Coke Studio has catered the masses. It is maybe a matter of time when this show will be equally popular amongst the masses if Nescafe continue this franchise.

The inception of Cornetto Pop Rock is also fresh a little bubbly with a pinch of rock in it. One of the most authentic single by Ali Azmat “Mein” is a true example of pure rock from this show. Cornetto Pop Rock has a mix of new and renowned singers with a lively music video. The culture of high budget music videos has already seen a huge down fall since the music industry has faced a crunch. This platform has significantly revived the music video culture with lots of colors in it.

This show has not only revived with a bang but has given a rebirth to the band culture in Pakistan. The platform which has given us some of the iconic bands like EP and Aaroh is now all set to give us rock-stars for the future. The bands performing in this show have given us some remarkable hits in the form of originals and some breath taking covers. The Band Kashmir’s Mera Pyar cover and Budha baba, Roots Khirkiyan and Pindi Boys Korina are worth listening.

Earlier the same brand also introduced Pepsi Smash which was more of a copy of Coke Studio and failed miserably. But the Pepsi Battle of the Bands is none less than a treat for music lovers.

Another brand which made it to the list but I believe quite late is Levis with Levis night. Though it tried to portray the concert culture on screen but the show had nothing new to offer. Maybe someday we can expect a hit number from Levis. 

Last but not the least out of nowhere Strepsils has come up with Pakistan’s first Acapella song with some amazing singers of the industry and under the leadership of Ali Noor the song Gawa Rehna has touched our souls in a charismatic way. We don’t know if it’s a onetime delicacy or Strepsils will continue the delight. Fingers Crossed….

It’s good that we are criticizing disasters like Sayonee from Coke Studio but we have to also keep this in mind that these platforms have played a major role in upgrading our music industry. So keep supporting and criticizing the branded music and kudos to these brands for all their efforts.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

UFone Highlights the Unsung Heroes of Our Society

U fone recently in a Bloggers Meet introduced the Unsung Heroes of our Society. These dynamic individuals have set an example of humanity and hard work in our society. With its slogan of “Its all about U” U fone celebrated the achievements of these through TVCs and a comprehensive 360 degree campaign.

The company highlighted the life stories of these individuals, their struggles and their achievements to inspire the nation and encourage the belief that nothing is impossible.

Four of these compassionate individuals were invited to share their inspirational stories and discuss about their endeavors which bought change in their lives and for the people around them. These included Muhammad Mohsin Ali, Shamim Akhtar, Saqib Ali Kazmi, and Sabia Abbat.

Shamim Akhtar one of these heroes, at 53 is Pakistan’s first female truck driver; she is one such example who decided to go against all odds to make both ends meet for her family.

Similarly, Muhammad Mohsin, son of a bread maker and resident of Hafizabad scored 688 points in his B.A exams through his relentless efforts; thereby topping the list in B.A/B.Sc exams held by the Punjab University and made waves nationwide.

Sabia Abbat, on the other hand, is a 25 year old cyclist hailing from the village of Haripur and has also been handpicked by Ufone to brace its campaign. Within two years of her enthusiastic endeavors for sports, she became the national champion in Lahore; prior to this, she had been representing her college in regional events. She is now a professional cyclist and holds a bachelor’s degree in physical education.

Another flourishing example is of Saqib Ali Kazmi, an inspiring young entrepreneur and social worker from Karachi. From education to health, Kazmi works in the development sector to help the underprivileged of the society. He started a project called “Mera Karachi Meri Zimmedari”. The name being self-explanatory focused on the role of each individual towards the society instead of relying on the politicians or ruling elites to facilitate people. Taking a leap forward, with the help of his friends identified two areas of development in Interior Sindh, that is, water and education. To resolve the water crisis in the area, Saqib and his friends installed 320 hand pumps in different areas of Interior Sindh, particularly Gharo and Thatta. Saqib and the team also manage an educational venture in a village in Gharo.

Ufone showcased these initiatives through a large electronic media campaign to share the message of goodness with all Pakistanis. On this occasion, Parveen Saeed of Khana Ghar also graced the event with her presence and explained how she was encouraged to pursue her mission of feeding the underprivileged when she heard of a mother having killed her two children as she was unable to feed them.

The discussion by these unsung heroes was followed by an interactive session with the bloggers.

The content has been taken from the official press release, however, it was modified according to the blog requirements.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Asset Management Industry of Pakistan

The Asset Management industry of Pakistan is expanding day by day. Despite lesser knowledge about the mutual funds industry in Pakistan, the key stake holders of the industry have shown notable growth and potential of tremendous growth in near future.

Mutual funds are basically a pool of numerous funds including stocks, treasury bills and other commodities which are open for investments. Unlike stock exchange where investor can only invest in stocks, mutual funds offer various investment opportunities to its clients. The fund managers allocate the funds in different pools of investment according the needs of its investor to ensure minimum loss with maximum profitability.

Mutual funds are quite popular in the developed countries moreover they have attained a notable market in India as well. Speaking of Pakistan the market still has the potential of growth as the masses are not much aware about the funds.

The mutual funds industry of Pakistan can be utilized to attract local investors and achieve sufficient accumulation of funds within the country to further support the flow of capital within the Pakistan.

Due to frequent political instability and limited productive economic opportunities mutual funds can play a vital role to provide investment platform for the local wealth holders. Mutual funds industry cannot only help providing wealth generation opportunities locally but it will also help in sustaining investments with in the country.

The writer is a freelance blogger – journalist and professional PR practitioner.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Impractical Education System of Pakistan

The literacy rate of Pakistan is devastatingly below the line of sanity. However, those who are blessed to be educated in this country are none less than an incorrect scientific experiment. Our population is largely constituted of youth; hence our economic, social as well as cultural development lies on the appropriate upbringing of these youngsters. Only an effective education system can prepare these young guns to compete with the odds of the professional life. Unfortunately the superficial education system lacks the ability to train these young minds for the rough waves of professionalism.

The scarcity of job opportunities and hideously low pay scales shatter the self confidence of any young grad who steps into the professional world. After investing several years in any higher education institute and spending tons of your parents fortune the ROI is way to minimal than expectations. Sadly very few institutions focus on the effective professional skills such as interpersonal communication and basic writing techniques, whereas, majority follows the lifeless academic syllabus. The lack of focus on fundamental skills such as writing or communication holds the students from explaining their point of view of what they have learned from their time invested in attaining these highly professional degrees. The root of this crisis does not lie in the hands of our institutions only but it begins from the very beginning of our academic career, when we first step into this education system.

Our education system can be inspired by the west but keeping in view the geographical, social and cultural environment on priority we cannot simply replicate the system as it is. Our youth in majority requires more focus on technical education as masses belong to the tier 2 classes and hence the average plethora of thesis and typical marketing strategies won’t help them in attaining a better financial status.

Our academic system requires serious modification keeping in view the current job market. We do not only have to prepare our youth as perfect candidate for the job but an individual with a capacity to create jobs – the ability to at least support entrepreneurial ventures if cannot be initiated by themselves.  

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Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 – No Heading Available As The Writer Lacks Creativity!

Just like my previous years, in 2015 I successfully did not accomplish any of my resolutions for this year. Well this piece is not about my determination and skills of not achieving my goals lets just focus on the year 2015 In general. 2015 – No Caption Available As The Writer Lacks Creativity!

Just like my previous years in 2015 I successfully did not accomplished any of my resolutions for this year. Well this piece is not about my determination and skills of not achieving my goals let’s just focus on the year 2015 in general. So One Two Three here we go……

1.       Komal Rizvi’s iconic selfie which was nominated for the Nobel Prize – Tough Competition!
2.       Axcuse Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee – Pakistani Greek God appeared in a talcum powder TVC
3.       The divorce of Reham Khan – I told her if you can’t be mine then no one else deserves you as well.
4.       Karachi Operation – No comments, Too young to be borified !
5.       I discovered Qandeel Baloch this year so waiting for the judgment day desperately!
6.       Miss Columbia sorry It’s Me
7.       What’s the difference between Jazz & Ufone – Hallal & Haraam Curves Astaghfirullah !
8.       #ThankyouRaheelSharif
9.       Dhandli Bhi To Hui Hai !
10.   Anwar Maqsood’s classical Thumkay !
11.   BOL - ab kabhi nahi Bolayga L
12.   The iconic journey of Ayyan Ali – Super Model!
13.   Completed my doctorate in Psychology, Anatomy, Physics and Chemistry - University of Axact !
14.   Light Kam karen, Light Bright Karen – Courtesy PTV
15.   Friends getting married and married and married
16.   The never ending revival of Pakistani Cinema
17.   Dilwale was a disaster
18.   Caprio deserves Oscar
19.   Salman Khan finally acted in a movie – BB
20.   The Flying Spying Pigeon  

There might have been few other developments but so far I have only witnessed the above as they were bombarded on my Facebook feed. So just like any other social media freak I beg your attention to kindly read this and consider it the epitome of sarcasm and request your friends to share as much as possible.

May be your kind gesture and efforts help me to go viral just like Komal Rizvi’s selfie or Qandeel Blaoch’s exotic videos ! 

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Online Businesses In Pakistan, Lucrative Industry For Local And Foreign Investors

Online businesses in Pakistan are booming at a rapid pace. Every other day a new startup is being introduced and this practice keeps on going. Numerous ventures are operational in Pakistan and this has attracted a lot of new comers to jump in for their entrepreneurial debut.
Rocket Internet is one of biggest stake holder of online businesses in Pakistan. The German start up company has several ventures operating in the country.
Below is a quick review of these ventures:
An online real estate portal deals in sale, purchase and renting out of property. Their logo can be seen placed on several state agencies nowadays.
The venture deals with the sale and purchase of vehicles. Pakwheels is another venture of same nature but not associated with Rocket Internet.
It’s an online hotel booking platform. The venture supports the local tourist industry; it not just operates as a tour guide but offers lucrative deals for booking the right hotel across the country.
It’s an online shopping venture which deals generally in wholesale products. More of an Alibaba !
It is the most prominent online shopping portal in Pakistan. After its successful launch in Pakistan it has been replicated in Bangladesh and Myanmar.
It is one of the biggest online food delivery shopping portals in Pakistan. The venture has also acquired Eatoye but both have separate operations.
It’s more of a western concept of carpooling. The only issue this venture has is lack of security assurance; however, it can be a very useful way of commuting if localized on mass scale.

With such huge chunk of online giants in Pakistan the ecommerce industry seems to be a promising business in coming years. The arrival of 3g and 4g services has already attracted a large number of users in the country. At first limited to social media platforms today a common Pakistani has a variety of online shopping portals to experience various services online.
Today when digital media is a pertinent element for almost all of the major industries of the country. The business giants of the country have realized the eCommerce is the cheapest and most convenient way to market their products and services.  The massive transition of conventional media and marketing activities towards various online platforms has generated a notable employment and business opportunities for young generation and those from the IT industry.
The most appealing factor of the eCommerce industry is the massive reduction in the operational expenses and direct sales to the target audience. This has not only supported the local businessmen but also attracted foreign investors keeping in view the potential of the country.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Base Rock Cafe and the ebbing underground music industry

The underground music industry of Pakistan, especially in Karachi is on the verge of extinction.  Several musicians are striving today to bring back the days of glory of underground music industry which once gave platform to several young iconic musicians to build up their career.

Performing live in concerts is one of the main source of living for any musician. Concerts and gigs are organized at various schools, halls and malls for musicians which give them a chance to interact with their fans and show their talent Live !

Guitar maestro Aamir Zaki at BRC 

Unfortunately, we don’t have many dedicated platforms for musicians where they can express their skills. Base Rock Café (BRC) is a small café promoting music and musicians by giving them a chance to perform live here in Karachi.The severe security threats in the country, especially in the metropolitan, have restricted concerts in the city where mass audience in an open air venue can raise several security threats.

On the other hand, places like BRC are very economical and safe for musicians to perform.
Recently, several renowned musicians have been seen at this unique musical den to support the dying underground music industry. Several veteran musicians performed here as well as supported the upcoming talent by jamming with them.

Tanseer Dar of the renowned band Karavan

Now BRC is once again setting up the trend of Open-Mic sessions to provide a platform for the amateur stars to experience performing live in front of a limited audience which not only boosts their morale but gives them the confidence to pursue their dream of becoming a musicians which in this country seems to be quite impossible.

BRC is not only catering the youth and amateurs but the rich Sufi music of the subcontinent has also become an integral part of the café’s music.

Qawal Fareed Ayaz at BRC

The café is offering recording services for musicians at a very nominal fee whereas musicians can also book the café for their own personal event.

My intention of writing this precise casual piece was to support the music industry of our country. Being a fan of the local music industry, I am hopeful that such platforms would help in producing numerous quality musicians in near future.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

An infant’s vanishing glory

An offspring when first steps on the soil of mother earth carries much desires and dreams to conquer dreams of the newly born human body’s soul. As time flies like a stormy wind it covers the childhood innocence under the protective arms of parents and leads to the aspiring journey of teenage where the seeds of youth are being sowed.

Thus, youth brings joy, love, valor with much sorrow and heart breaking moments as everyday brings a new horizon to life which develops the young mind and labels it as experienced. Dreams which seemed to become reality, one day are shattered like a broken glass, pieces of heart spread all over.

As life passes you by it bring changes, it molds you, polishes you and sometimes crushes your emotions and ambitions. But those who understand the art of survival with much awaited upcoming uncertainties and surprises have conquered and marked history. Though, several souls wasted their glory and shine into the charismatic deception of materialism.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Point of view of an orthodox Pakistani

In a country like Pakistan speaking of justice, human rights and equality for masses is nothing but a myth. We are an orthodox society which believes in tolerance for intolerance, corruption, terrorism and so on.

I am not a PTI or TUQ follower neither of PML-N or any other party. I am just a so called educated citizen of the potential working class of Pakistan. Who believes in (checking in) while dining at various fast food restaurants. I love watching TV also talk shows so I can abase the elite political class of the country which not only satisfies my ego but gives me this satisfaction that I did something for my homeland.

I don’t believe in protests or Dharnas as it’s UNCOOL for me but yeah if you ever plan to visit my social sites I am nothing less than Che Guavera though I was shattered when I got to know that he was a revolutionist but not a fashion designer. I still miss my Chay sorry Che T-shirt.

I think people of my country needs to understand that all we (YOUTH) need is a pack of cigarettes, a free wifi and ofcourse a hot chick or dude to hangout with and Imran khan is the only leader who can provide us this platform minus free Wifi we can accommodate with network packages too. I seriously don’t care about Azadi or Elections but yes my Love just texted me that she is off to PTI Dharna with her 7 hot friends so I think it’s high time for me to share my political views as well by supporting Mr. Khan.

Well I always followed my dreams, as I am original but sometimes I follow twitter trends and fashion trends irrespective of how awfully they represent me.

I don’t know much about Allama iqbal but yeah Marlon Brando is the godfather. A nation is known by the ideology it keeps and it is derived from its history. I know that but why to focus on Iqbal only, Brando seems to be cooler in addition it shows my interest towards arts and literature more than just quoting a local poet in social gatherings.

One thing which I really want to make clear about myself is that I am P for Purely Patriotic Person (PPP). I love my country because it gives me the freedom that no other country can. I am in my early twenties and I roll in my city like a gangster on my 4 wheeler but thanks to our local police and my art of bribery that I don’t know even now how a driving license looks like. WOW now that’s freedom, not freedom of speech but freedom of long drives helps you a lot while dating-TRUST ME.

In the end I would like to say that one day I’ll be a rock star as I have mastered my skills in music by conquering the most difficult CAGED system on guitars. I know I am talented as no one else can play the sacred CAGED system on guitars. Its pertinent to mention here that I wanted to be a corporate Guru at first but as I have done my MBA and there are no jobs in this country only Nawaz Laptop so it was not possible.And I disown the fact that I don’t even know how to speak Anglish or write a proper cover letter it’s just there are no jobs in this country.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

The Social Religion

Free will is now limited to our bedrooms and drawing rooms only where while jumping on our couches, we tear apart the pillows to release our frustration"-

Education is a deadly sin in our society, if by chance you have committed it than your silence among the fools would prolong forever, as the society is full of confident illiterates and intellectuals. This can be experienced by living in such a society which has merged the social and traditional values into a religion.

We are so confused in terms of differentiating between religion, tradition and social norms that our capacity to think and evaluate simple social problems are now being discussed on live Ramadan game shows, to which on one hand we criticize as an act of vulgarity and misinterpretation of religious values on the other hand we turn them into the highest TRP shows of the country.

We have imposed our moral and ethical values as a mandatory practice for the people of all religion and mindsets. When we fast it is mandatory for all of us to close our shops and restaurants during Ramadan ignoring the fact that at the same time we want the minorities and non-Muslims to enjoy the leverages of being a Pakistani. With such impositions we ourselves kill the factor of sacrifice and simplicity of this religion.

Free will is now limited to our bedrooms and drawing rooms only where while jumping on our couches we tear apart the pillows to release our frustration from the highly ill-mannered educated society. If you are not being nice and unable to perform the art of hypocrisy than I doubt you would ever be able to adjust in this society.

Dreams of youth are being slaughtered in this society everyday just to follow the herd of sheep for revolving the fake circle of the society. Today in 21st century the dream of becoming an artist, philosopher or even a writer is considered a sin. as success is all about monetary values not internal peace and joy.

We have lost our abilities to think, decide or perform because for this our conservative elders and already set social rituals have decided our destiny even before we are eligible to think on our own.

Study of religion to understand society, life and universe is now only limited to few individuals and on the basis of their perception and Miss-interpretation our lifestyles are being developed.
We won’t change until we change.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

A United, Faithful and Disciplined Nation

‘Unity, faith and discipline’ was the motto of Jinnah for Pakistan. Today these three sacred words are still alive in the bosom of this nation. Every now and then we represent the sign of unity amongst us; this can be witnessed specially on the occasion of Eid when we celebrate this festival with great joy and happiness on two separate days.

As we believe in unity, Eid is the absolute occasion for us as a nation to show that how enthusiastically we rejoice Eid by celebrating it a day before or after the official announced date by the government. That is not because we have any social, cultural or religious differences but due to our intense love with Muslim Ummah to such an extent that we let half of our country to celebrate this occasion with the Arab Countries which is usually not on the same day of course.  

Our Faith has no match it is so pure and strong that no external or even internal force can shake it. Whichever sect we follow we believe that ours is the righteous path to please the Lord. That is why we believe in tolerance so much that minorities have listed us the most favorite nation of the world. Whether the Ahmedis, the Shiites or even people of any other religion consider our cities and villages a safe house. But our enemies across the border always try to sabotage our peaceful society by fueling and financing the Shiite genocide and by sometimes attacking our Christian friends or even by targeting the Ahmedis. But we have always condemned such brutal acts and always had faith in peace, tolerance and love.

If anyone ever wants to witness the practical example of a disciplined nation they should better apply for the Pakistani visa as soon as possible. Education brings civic sense and develops a base for societies to prosper which indeed creates discipline in one’s life. We daily ignore the traffic signals and believe in bribery to maintain the discipline of the Law. We prefer reference over eligibility for career in order to respect the discipline of professionalism. Our never ending stories of discipline can be witnessed in the field of education, private businesses and most importantly in governance for the public sector.
I think I should end this topic here so you can curse me for my negative thinking and for the pathetic ability of sarcasm or satire.

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The music industry of Pakistan has been facing a hard time since last few years. One of the main reasons of its downfall is the law and ...